Plastique release video for 'White Noise'

The first video from the industrial-rock trio’s forthcoming album ‘#SocialScar’ takes a raw edge

Following last week’s news announcing their second album ‘#SocialScar’, Plastique have released their first video and song from the album, titled ‘White Noise’, announced on their Facebook page with an early preview for their Indiegogo supporters. The video can be viewed here.

“We filmed the whole thing during our photoshoot with photographer Christian Baron,” says producer and director Gabriel Ralls. “The video was shot on an iPhone 4S, using an app called ‘8mm’”. Stressing he is not a hipster, he adds, “Our previous videos for ‘Butterflies’ and ‘A Paper Cut from A Paper Kiss’ were much higher in production value; we wanted to challenge ourselves by creating the simplest video we could, but without compromising on the entertainment factor. It’s energetic, much like the song, and I shot [frontwoman] Anelise dancing in different outfits to the music to express this energy. It’s a way of demonstrating you don’t always need the best tools if you have a good idea.”

Indeed the song ‘White Noise’ is a very heavy dance song, with pounding beats, but with no lack from the riff-factor either. Guitarist Fabio Couto states, “I came up with the original idea for the song shortly after we completed the first album. I wanted to begin the second album with a bang; something that both rock and dance lovers would unite with. I knew that both Anelise and Gabriel would deliver the song with full intensity. It’s a feel-good song with some dark edges.”

Singer Anelise Kunz adds, “The song is literally about white noise; the static you hear on old analogue radio or TV sets. Rather than tuning into a station, it’s the formation required to produce a body, or at least the image of one. If one had such power, you could destroy monotony and control everything around you, using obsession for media against you.”

‘#SocialScar’ will be released on October 28th 2013 on download on iTunes and Amazon, HD download on Bandcamp, streaming on Spotify and Deezer and limited edition CD.