Plastique re-release "A Paper Cut From A Paper Kiss" video

Plastique today have re-released their 2012 video for A Paper Cut From A Paper Kiss. The video has had a fresh lick of colour-grading (the process which gives videos their look and feel) and is also now available in ultra high definition resolution for those with a 4K screen...

Director, and Plastique producer, Gabriel Ralls said, "I never go back to old projects. For better or worse, they are what they are: A time stamp on my life at that moment. In this case, I needed to make an exception to the rule. It's both a video and song I am so immensely proud of; but - for the original release - we were rushed to get the video out on time for the media we had waiting to see it.

"I could never really watch and enjoy it without feeling the colour grading could have been better... So I decided to have a crack it myself and began to see some very satisfying results over time. Initially there was no real reason for making a new version of this video except for personal gratification, but I always felt that our fans and all the people who got involved in this video deserved better. I wanted people to see its original vision. It might not be perfect, but I can honestly say this version is a labour of love."

For those with ultra high definition screens, A Paper Cut From A Paper Kiss also supports a 4K resolution (2160p for YouTube purposes). "When working in with a cinema camera like RED, you really want to show off what it can do.", says Gabriel. "4K screens are very soon going to be affordable and this is such a beautiful video; it gives people a reason to come back and see it in all its glory."

See the video below:

A Paper Cut From A Paper Kiss is from Plastique's self-titled first album and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp and more.