Marshall Ultimate Band Contest - thank you!

Last night we played at the Marshall Ultimate Band Contest. We did our best show so far with the support of our friends and fans. We got to meet amazing people in the music industry and in the end we shook hands with Paul Marshall. It was the best time.

We’re not gonna play at Download yet but we’re a step closer.

For all you amazing guys who came to the show; who sang along, who out-screamed all the other bands' audiences... THANK YOU! We loved every minute of it: you made it a show we will never forget!

It's fair to say that all the bands last night were amazing and we offer our congrats and respect to Bad Touch: a great band and great guys. A massive thank you to Marshall Amplification for having us and for the lovely gifts / beers; you guys truly rock.

A big thanks to Steve Hill at Marshall who made the the whole day run like clockwork for us.