A Letter From Plastique

On this day in 2010 we started recording our first song and Plastique was born. Six incredible years later, we've sadly decided to go on indefinite hiatus.
Plastique will be doing a special farewell show in 2017 and will post details in the near future.

We're very heartbroken to announce this, but essentially we feel this is the right band at the wrong time - especially in today’s musical climate. We've continued for as long as we could - fuelled by our love for the songs and our fans - but it has become exhaustingly difficult (not to mention insanely expensive) to maintain the band with the highest passion and quality that we always set out to achieve.

Perhaps we were just unlucky but one thing is for certain; we gave everything - from our music, production, artwork, shows and videos - 100%. We're so immensely proud of this band and we wouldn't change anything for the world.
We'd like to assure you that all of us in the band are still the very best of friends and the decision was totally amicable. We'd also like to stress that we're on 'indefinite hiatus' as we don't want to rule out the possibility of getting together again if fortune or opportunity comes our way in the future… Or maybe just a cheeky reunion. But for now: this is it.

We will still post on this page (especially in the lead up to our show), our music will always be available to buy or stream, our videos will remain on YouTube and we will always love you.
We wish to thank all of you for the incredible experiences we've had together, all the amazing bands we've shared the stage with and the super talented people we've worked with over the years. Without you, none of this would have been possible and we hope you will remember Plastique as fondly as we will. We will certainly remember this for the rest of our lives as one of our greatest eras.

Stay tuned for show details - we'll make it one to remember.

Gabriel, Anelise and Fábio - Plastique